How would you describe your contribution to the Truck Art Project?

The project’s incredible. It’s a good idea, as people can see your art in the streets.

How do the two sides of the truck engage in dialogue?

The sides of my truck are very simple and reflect the new work I’m creating in the latest phase of my development.

What do you see as the challenges of the project?

Well, the challenges were painting in front of the public and finishing it in the same day, but it was exciting.

How does this project fit into your artistic development and discourse?

It’s good for me because my name and my thirty-one-year career are sent careering through the streets of Spain. I never thought I would get so far.

Some artists admit they arrived with a preconceived idea which they then had to modify, or which grew in other directions when they were confronted with a support like this. Was that your case?

The masterminds of this project got it right, because now they’ve got art on wheels.

How have you envisaged the reception of a work like this one, which is found rather than sought out by the spectator, and which doesn’t circulate through the usual artistic channels?

For me, it’s very important, as some of our followers have no chance to travel around, and being able to find it in the streets is like a dream.

What do you get out of participating in a project like this, and what do you think you contribute to it?

It contributes a great deal to my project and also to my life. It’s a chance you can’t miss: it’s important to have your art on the right path and know the public is seeing your works.

What’s the interesting thing about a project like the Truck Art Project?

The Truck project reminds me of the metal plates of the train rolling through New York City, and this is something similar rolling through the whole of Spain. It’s a pleasure to be part of this project.

Sandro Figueroa (Puerto Rico, 1969), better known as Sen2, was born and grew up in Puerto Rico, but it was in the streets of the Bronx in New York that this artist, whose abstract graffiti is shown in art galleries around Europe and the Americas, forged a unique style. In the Big Apple, his career took a leap when he joined one of the most famous crews of writers of the time, Tats Cru. New York then became a giant canvas where Sen2 and his colleagues steeped themselves in this urban subculture, following in the wake of the Pop Art of Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. With his artistic group, Sen2 travelled around the world. During the heyday of graffiti in the 1980s, this restless artist co-founded Mad Crew with Rek, Ske and Soze, enjoying great success in Puerto Rico. His works have appeared in music videos by major stars like Jennifer Lopez, Nas and Missy Elliot. Over the years, Sen2 has become a world-ranking contemporary artist within the discipline of abstraction. At the start of 2002, he inaugurated Many Styles, his personal studio.